Beat Root Multiscale
tongue drum

the only tongue drum including 6 different scales in one instrument

Multiscale tongue drum
steel tongue drum beat root
choose the scale of your tongue drum

Switch from one scale to another in less than 5 secondes

It features an innovative tuning system that enables you to easily switch from one scale to another in less than 5 seconds.​.

electronic tongue drum

Wide range
of possibilities

Each scale has been carefully selected to give you a wide range of possibilities, according to your needs and moods.

tongue drums with jack

Internal microphone
and a jack output​

This unique tongue drum is also equipped with an internal microphone and a jack output so you can amplify the signal of the instrument, experiment with effect pedals or record your performances thanks to a sound card.​​

Beat Root tongue drums are 100% homemade

with quality craftsmanship using valuable materials.

tongue drum scales

The exclusive Beat Root tuning system will give you access to
6 beautiful sounding scales in the easiest way possible.

  • All you need to do is to follow the diagram inside the tongue drum and place magnets against the colored stickers corresponding to the scale you want to obtain.
  • Combined with the tunable feature, those electro-acoustic applications make Beat Root tongue drum one of the most versatile tongue drum on the market.
6 scales tongue drum
tongue drums happy


(G. B. D. Eb. G. A. B. D.)

The Happy scale is the original Beat Root tongue drum scale and does not require any magnets. This scale will take you on a warm and joyful journey.

tongue drum zen


(G. B. D. Eb. G. A. B. D.)

The Zen scale is perfectly suited for relaxing melodies. This scale creates a deep sense of inner peace that will take you on a meditative journey.

tongue drums tribal


(G. B. D. Eb. G. A. B. D.)

This is a pentatonic scale which also requires two magnets. This scale will take you on an exotic journey, connecting you to the rhythm of the Earth.

steel tongue drum melancholia


(G. B. D. Eb. G. A. B. D.)

The Melancholia scale is perfectly suited for melodies tinged with sweet melancholy. This scale will take you on an introspective journey.

tongue drum space


(G. B. D. Eb. G. A. B. D.)

The Space scale is perfectly suited for unique musical cinematographic landscape. This scale will take you on a celestial sonic journey.

tongue drum nature


(G. B. D. Eb. G. A. B. D.)

Pure and contemplative, the Nature scale will give you a breath of fresh air while traveling through the calm and strength of a centuries-old trees forest.

The electro-acoustic feature is one of the greatest assets of our tunable tongue drum.

electronic tongue drum
The internal piezzo microphone and the jack output on the side of our tongue drum will give a new dimension to your practice, enabling you to be heard within a whole band by plugging it into a sound system or to easily record your musical session through your favorite music software by plugging it into a soundcard.

beat root tongue drum
tongue drum with microphone
electronic tongue drum
You will be amazed by the infinite possibilities offered by the addition of effect pedals like delays, chorus, reverbs, overdrives, whammys, or loop stations…

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What is a tongue drum ?

A tongue drum is a melodic percussion instrument inspired by the Hang Drum. You can play it without any skills and immediately enjoy playing music even if you never play an instrument before. This instrument is famous to make you relax and chill, feeling the music you play in your bones. From the first note you will play, you will instantly feel the connection with your tongue drum. It will soon become an extension of your mood. The music you will play will guide you to your inner feeling and you feeling will guide you to the music you will play. This is how the music therapy begin.

Can a children play tongue drum ?

The tongue drum is simply the best musical instrument to play as a child, as no knowledge or skill is required to start playing it. Children often lack concentration with any other type of instrument, as it takes a lot of focus and determination to know how to play it. 

With a tongue drum, a child doesn’t need to concentrate, they just play naturally. Everything flows naturally when they start playing a tongue drum, because there are simply no false notes. Each scale is harmoniously constructed, and even if a child plays randomly on this instrument, they will hear deeply melodic music, allowing them to focus more on the instrument. 

It is the ideal instrument to calm children with anxiety or attention problems (ADHD children for example). It is also an ideal instrument to make children sleep at night or to spend magical moments with your children. As you can understand, the tongue drum is more than suitable for children.